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The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) is the nation’s national bank. It was joined under the State Bank of Pakistan Act, 1956. The national Bank is liable for directing liquidity and guaranteeing the sufficiency of the nation’s budgetary framework. Banks in Pakistan fall under the oversight of the SBP. 

The various kinds of banks in Pakistan include: 

  • Commercial banks 
  • Exchange banks 
  • Industrial banks 

Moody‘s rates Pakistan’s financial framework as steady, because of fast monetary development and stable subsidizing from high liquidity levels and client stores. Be that as it may, homegrown banks face difficulties from their significant low-appraised Pakistan government bond possessions, just as high resource chances and unobtrusive capital levels, as indicated by the rating agency.

For anybody considering an economic vocation in Pakistan, this rundown of top banks in Pakistan is a useful guide on where to begin. To find out additional, see our rundowns of financial establishments. 

Habib Bank Limited (HBL): 

This Bank was built up in Mumbai in 1941 on the solicitation of Muhammad Ali Jinnah (the Founder of Pakistan) to support Indian Muslims. In light of benefits, it is the giant Bank in Pakistan. The HBL bank works through the accompanying divisions. 

  • Branch Banking, 
  • Corporate Banking,
  • Retail Financing, 
  • SME and Investment Banking administrations. 

Here are some different insights regarding HBL bank: 

The central command is in Karachi

Serving clients through more than 1500 branches across various urban communities in Pakistan and 55 branches across multiple nations. 

The organization of around 2007 ATM’s. 

Habib Bank Limited is the Biggest Bank in Pakistan. It is associated with the business banking area and numerous money-related services. The HBL additionally gives resources to the executive’s administrations in Pakistan and abroad. The Bank’s divisions have Branch Banking, which incorporates credits, protections, and different financial administrations like agribusiness, client, little scope business, and business customers. 

National Bank of Pakistan (NBP): 

National Bank of Pakistan is the biggest state-possessed Bank established in 1949. This Bank goes about as an aide to the Central Bank of Pakistan. This Bank gives banking a scope of administrations in the business division just as in the open part. 

Some different insights regarding the National Bank of Pakistan are referenced underneath. 

  • Headquartered in Karachi, Pakistan. 
  • Around 12000 representatives. 
  • 1,450 branches across Pakistan. 
  • 21 branches globally. 
  • Serving clients through more than 1000 ATM’s. 
  • Representative workplaces are in Canada and China. 

The National Bank of Pakistan has made an expansive scope of client items, to improve advertising and give to the different segments of society and arrive at its social engagements. Some ventures have been mostly made for the low to centre salary parts of society. 

It has executed selective credit plans like microfinance for cultivating, industry, and business people. It might be considered as the best Bank in Pakistan. 

Meezan Bank: 

Meezan bank is one of the TOP banks in Pakistan. It is the First Islamic bank of Pakistan set up in 1997. This Bank works as per the guidelines and standards of Islamic law. This Bank has around 600 branches across various urban communities of Pakistan. The central command is in Karachi. Bank Alfalah was set up in 1992, and it is the fifth-biggest Bank of Pakistan. It works through more than 600 branches across various urban areas in Pakistan and has a worldwide presence in Bangladesh, Bahrain, Afghanistan, and UAE

The Car Ijarah, given by Meezan Bank, is the best profit free vehicle subsidizing merchandise in Pakistan. The Bank likewise offers different types of assistance like Meezan Rupee Current Account, Karobari Munafa Account, and Savings Account. The monetary items are founded on financing arrangements and leasing. It works through Corporate Finance, Trading and Sales, Retail Banking, Corporate and Commercial Banking, Agency Services, and Payment and Settlement fragments.

The Karachi City-based bank utilizes around 9,000 representatives and administers 571 branches in 146 urban communities in Pakistan. In 2016, Meezan Bank posted absolute resources of US$5.94 billion and a net benefit of US$50 million. 

Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB): 

MCB is one of the most significant and most seasoned banks in Pakistan. It was established in 1947. 

Here are a few insights regarding the Bank: 

  • Headquartered in Lahore, Pakistan. 
  • Serving around 4 million clients. 
  • More than 1100 branches across Pakistan. 
  • About eight branches in various nations. 
  • Around 14,000 representatives. 

In 2005, the organization of the Bank cut its title from Muslim Commercial Bank to MCB to hop into worldwide business sectors; they were experiencing resistance because of the term Muslim especially from Western Nations to get a license. 

United Bank Limited (UBL): 

In the private financial segment, UBL can be the most significant Bank in Pakistan, yet it is undoubtedly the most seasoned one. It was established in 1959. 

Here are a few insights concerning the Bank: 

  • More than 1380 branches across various urban areas of Pakistan. 
  • International presence over 19 nations. 
  • Headquartered in Karachi, Pakistan. 

The Bank has more than $15 billion resources, an enormous measure of representatives, and an alternate customer base including a broad zone of divisions and organizations over the world. UBL gives administrations over 12 nations like UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, China, Oman, Yemen, UK, Switzerland, the US, Tanzania, Iran, and Pakistan

Allied Bank: 

United Bank was built in 1942. The Bank has more than 4000 workers. Unified Bank has been serving its clients through more than 1100 branches and 1150 ATM’s across various urban communities in Pakistan. The Bank additionally gives momentary credit offices to customers to arrive at their everyday business/working cash necessities and reserve their rundowns, receivables, and so forth. In enthusiasm to ensure understanding, these offices likewise require security in the body of the stocks. 

Faysal Bank: 

The Faysal Bank was set up in 1994. It gives a scope of budgetary administrations in Pakistan. The Bank has around 350 branches across 100 distinct urban communities and more than 3000 employees. Faysal Bank has dispatched a few loaning and store stocks too little organizations and clients. It incorporates credits and different administrations like advances for purchasing crude material, stocks buying hardware, and new apparatus Trade accounts. 


Bank Alfalah Limited, set up in 1997 is a solitary bank in Pakistan constrained by the Abu Dhabi Group. Bank Alfalah is the sixth most giant Bank of Pakistan with more than 640 branches in Pakistan and abroad. 

Sanctioned as an open restricted organization on 21st June 1992, underneath the Companies Ordinance, Bank Alfalah began banking administrations from first November 1997. 

The Bank gives business answers for clients, organizations, associations, and states through a broad scope of items and co-operation. It likewise incorporates: 

  • Corporate and funds venture 
  • Customer banking, and credit 
  • Securities business 
  • Advertisement, SME, agri-finance
  • Islamic and resource speculation 
  • Loans 
  • Savings 
  • Credit cards 

Bank Alfalah utilizes more than 7000 work-forces and works through an organization of more than 700 branches across Pakistan. According to a 2014 report, the Bank records Rs.55.378 billion as income and a net gain of Rs.8.513 billion. It additionally works universally in Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates. 

Soneri Bank: 

Soneri Bank Limited was sanctioned in Pakistan in the year 1991 as an open restricted association under the Companies Ordinance. Its confirmed office is situated at Rupali House Lahore, Punjab and its offers are estimated on Pakistan Stock Exchange. The Bank is engaged with: 

Investment administrations as characterized in the Banking Companies Ordinance, 1962. 

Retail Banking administrations; current records, investment account, SME financing, Agricultural Financing, beneficiaries account, purchaser fund, store storage spaces, electronic banking, and SMS ready administrations. 

Corporate and Investment Banking offers clients; money the executive’s administrations, gracefully chain financing, working capital financing, and long haul financing. 

  • Foreign Exchange Services. 
  • Online Banking administrations. 
  • Loans. 
  • Credit cards. 
  • It works with more than 290 branches, including 21 Islamic financial branches in Pakistan. 
  • The Bank utilizes 3,526 faculty, and starting at 2020; it detailed Rs.1.9 billion as a benefit for 2019 through a yearly budgetary report. 

Askari Bank: 

Askari Bank is a business and retail Bank in Pakistan and is constrained by Fauji Foundation. The Bank was set up in the year 1991, as a Public Limited Company. In 2013, the Bank was acquired by Fauji Group. The Bank is enlisted on the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) and was likewise enrolled on different stock trades like Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad before their collusion to make the one of a kind joined Pakistan Stock Exchange. The Bank got its permit from the Banking Companies Ordinance. It offers types of assistance like: 

  • Corporate and funds speculation, 
  • Customer banking, and credit, 
  • Securities business, 
  • Trading and Sales, 
  • Retail Banking, 
  • Commercial Banking, 
  • Payment and Settlement, 
  • Agency Services, 
  • Asset Management portions. 

Settled in Rawalpindi, the Bank utilizes more than 7,279 work-forces with 440 branches across the nation. As indicated by a 2016 report, the Bank reports an aggregate of advantages esteemed at US$5.6 billion and a net benefit of US$47 million. 

Standard Chartered Pakistan: 

The Bank is settled in Karachi, Pakistan, with more than 9000 representatives remembered for its 94 branches the nation over. Benefits of the Bank before the finish of the second from last quarter of 2019 flooded to Rs. 11.4 billion. The Bank offers a few items, including Loans, Credit Cards, Savings, and Consumer Banking. 

Bank of Punjab: 

The significant administrations gave by the Bank remember a store for the nearby cash, customer store in foreign money, settlements and advances to business, exchange, industry, agribusiness, Credit cards, buyer banking, corporate banking, account and protection, venture banking, contract advances, private banking, personal value and riches management.

It has a wholly claimed auxiliary called First Punjab Modaraba which was set up in 1992. Bank Of Punjab utilizes a complete number of 6,092 people and likewise, a 2017 yearly report, records a net gain of PKR 4.7 Billion and PKR 7.6 Billion income

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