Youth icon Minal Khan announced ambassador for the TECNO’s new Gaming King, Spark 7 Pro

Youth icon Minal Khan announced ambassador for the TECNO’s new Gaming King, Spark 7 Pro

TECNO, a leading global smartphone company, is known in Pakistan for bringing innovative promotions of high-quality phones. The brand has launched yet another groundbreaking ad, this time with a bigger message. TECNO released a promotional poster for a "Spark Girl" on its social media pages, which quickly went viral. Minal Khan, the Youth Icon, has been named the "Spark Girl," TECNO's ambassador for the upcoming Spark 7 Pro.

The "Spark Girl's" shadow portrait had fans in a tangle. The brand has finally unveiled the ambassador as Minal Khan, a trendy young icon whose energetic and charismatic style complements the upcoming Spark 7 Pro perfectly. With her young fans, the charming youth star would have a significant impact on the brand. Minal Khan's glitz and glam fit right in with the TECNO Spark series' spirit.

Another piece of good news for fans is the confirmation that the TECNO Spark 7 Pro is on the way. After the teaser was out, there was a lot of speculation on the internet about TECNO's forthcoming devices and who would be the next ambassador. Fans will now rest easy knowing that the next Spark member, Spark 7 Pro, is on its way.

TECNO has not announced the phone's exact specs, but the expected features of a powerful MediaTek Helio G80 processor, a 90Hz refresh rate, and a 48MP camera should be enough to justify the title of "Gaming King." With these announcements and the ambassador launch of the TECNO Spark 7 Pro, fans are ecstatic.

TECNO has upheld the reputation of the well-regarded Spark series. The latest Spark 7 Pro will surpass the previous Spark phones in terms of efficiency. The inexpensive prices of the Spark series act as a trigger for increased revenue. Keep an eye on TECNO's social media channels for more details on the upcoming smartphones!


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