You will definitely like this 'secret' feature of Chrome

You will definitely like this 'secret' feature of Chrome

Most people experience this, meaning that you are watching a show or video on YouTube, but at the same time, you have to work or browse something else on the Internet.

Then you have to open another tab on Google Chrome, which lets you listen to the video but can't see it and seemingly has no solution.

But did you know that Google Chrome has a feature hidden in that allows you to watch YouTube videos in any tab?

Yes indeed, Google Chrome has a built-in picture mode (but not easy to find) that lets videos play in other tabs.

It's like a YouTube mini player in which the volume of the video is minimized and moves to the right corner of the screen and you can watch the video as you work.

To use this feature, right-click and place the mouse cursor on the YouTube video, the YouTube menu will appear in front of you and right-click again (ie right click 2 times) then the Chrome menu will appear. You will also see the Picture in Picture mode.

Clicking on it will start playing the video in a small window at the corner of the screen, but you can place it on one side with the mouse for convenience or drag and drop it.

This feature only works on YouTube and does not work on other streaming services such as Facebook.


And so it's not really necessary to keep Google Chrome open, but after monetizing it, the video will continue to play even if you open Microsoft software and start working on it.

If you want to do so on these services then there is Google's Picture In Chrome Chrome extension.


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