World's First Auto-Flying Commercial Helicopter

World's First Auto-Flying Commercial Helicopter

Posted on Dec 18, 2019

Various companies are working on the preparation of automatic take-off and landing aircraft, but one company has introduced the world's first auto-flying commercial helicopter.

The company, called Sky Rise, said it could be made part of aviation taxis operating in cities in the future.

The company has also released a video of the successful test flight of the helicopter.

The company says the technology can also be used in existing helicopters, and the video was also tested by adding it to the Robinson R-44, and after the approval of the US Federal Aviation Administration, it took off. There were 2 pilots inside as backup.

Sky Rise is not the only company dreaming of auto-flying planes, with Google, Uber and several companies working on it, even Airbus and Boeing working on air taxi projects. ۔

The Sky Rise project is a bit different in this regard as it can also be used in helicopters currently used.

Not only does this company focus on automated flights, but its system automates various aspects of flight.

Various sensors help steer, stabilize and helicopter guide direction, while other flight data is monitored as well.

The helicopters are constantly monitored so that they do not overtake the security range, especially in emergencies.

Automatic take-off and helicopter sensors mounted on the ground and these sensors connect to the helicopter to monitor the weather to ensure safe flight, while also keeping track of birds and drones.

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