Why villains can't use Apple's iPhone in movies?

Why villains can't use Apple's iPhone in movies?

Apple's iPhones are popular around the world and it seems that this is why the US company does not want its devices to appear in the hands of bad guys in movies.

In fact, this interesting discovery was made by Rian Johnson, director of successful films such as Star Wars the Last Jedi and Nights Out.

In a video interview to Vanity Fair, the Hollywood director said, "Apple has permission to use iPhones in movies, but it is also important that if you watch a movie, it is in the hands of the bad guys in front of the camera. There will be no iPhones. '

He jokingly said that the disclosure of this information would lead to a better understanding of the good and bad characters of Mistry films in the future.

"The filmmakers want their villain's personality to be kept secret," he said.

This is especially important in a film such as Nights Out, where every character is suspected of killing the wealthy novelist Harleen Thrombie, but the director in the video did not elaborate on a specific screenshot. , So that people who haven't seen the movie do not lose their curiosity.

Earlier, there were rumors that Apple was controlling its products in TV shows and movies.

According to MacReuters, the Company's condition is that its products may be used in a manner that appears to favor the Company or for good purposes.

And that control is already taking place not long ago, in an article in Wired's 2002 article that good people always use a Mac (Apple-made computer device) in a popular TV show '24' of the time. While the bad guys are always visible with Windows computers.


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