Who is Tania Aidrus

Who is Tania Aidrus

Posted on Dec 6, 2019

Prime Minister Imran Khan inaugurated 'Digital Pakistan Vision' during a ceremony in Islamabad on Thursday.

Under this vision, every Pakistani will have access to the Internet, rather it will be recognized as a fundamental right, digital infrastructure will be created so that people can do their work safely and fast using the smartphone.

Similarly, e-government operations will be promoted so that paperwork is not needed for the government process and government services will be digitalized for the citizens, promotion of digital skills and talent to ensure employment in the relevant sector for the youth. While providing favorable opportunities for companies to thrive.

Digital Pakistan Vision will be headed by Tania Aidrus, who has been a key figure at Google's Singapore office.

By the way, Tania Aidrus's return to Pakistan began several months ago, but her name went viral on social media after the inauguration of the program, and most people are curious about her background.

Who is Tania Aidrus?

Tania Aidrus went abroad 20 years ago from Pakistan and first obtained a BS degree in Biology and Economics from the Brandy University of America and then an MBA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

He later founded Startup Click Diagnostics and served as its director.

He later worked as Google's South Asia Country Manager from 2008 to 2016 and was made the director of Google's product, Payments for the Next Billion User Program.

And now she has been appointed the head of Digital Pakistan Vision and in this regard, Tania Aidrus said at the inauguration ceremony, 'I know someone who emailed the Prime Minister a few months ago if you are going towards technology and digitalization. If you are, talk to Tania. '

"The Prime Minister forwarded this email to the correctional team, who contacted me and there I was contacted by Jahangir Tareen who convinced me to return to Pakistan, listened to my thoughts, gave me the platform and the government. The officials were introduced and taken to the Prime Minister so that I could inform them of my suggestions. At the first meeting, the Prime Minister said that there are many problems here, so do not panic ”.

In this way Tania Aidrus took over the head of this important digital project in Pakistan, leaving a lot of salaries and benefits to Google (no idea but it would be wrong to say that there will be at least millions of rupees monthly).

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