Which is Better: Sell on Amazon or Sell on eBay?

Which is Better: Sell on Amazon or Sell on eBay?

Where should you sell, Amazon or eBay? Is this the million-dollar question on the Internet?

This question is asked by many people today, many give their answers based on their tastes but in this post, we will give you some basic reasons for you to make a better decision. There are reasons to sell in one or the other, but in the end, everything will depend on the type of seller you want to be and the type of products you sell.

1. Condition of the Product

Definitely, if you are a seller who wants to sell used products, the best marketplace will be eBay in Pakistan. Today the customer is already used to the fact that if he wants to buy something used, he will look for it on eBay; It should be noted that this is a positioning that eBay has generated in the mind of the consumer because on Amazon you can also find Used or "Pre-Owned" items.

On the other hand, if you want to position yourself as a seller of high-quality products, Amazon is definitely the right place, which with its Prime program and the AZ Claim guarantee has positioned itself as the best Marketplace in terms of excellent quality items.

On the other hand, eBay's “Auction” model lends itself well to use items and is very well designed for anyone who wants to buy Bargains!

In conclusion, if you were to search for a new item, you would like to go to Amazon to buy that product and if you wanted a second-hand item, you would go to eBay. Both could work in your favor, depending on the type of condition of the products you sell.

2. Logistics Programs

By Logistics programs I mean the facility offered by the Marketplace for storage and shipping of your merchandise (In this case we are assuming that you have merchandise in Stock and that you do not do the Dropshipping model)

Definitely, the world leader in this logistical support is Amazon, which with its FBA program guarantees you World-class Storage, Transportation to the end customer, and post-sale support.

In this sense, eBay can offer you preferential rates with partners such as FedEx, UPS, or USPS, but this is only for the transport of your products, and they really provide little support in terms of storage and post-sale support, which the seller always does (eBay only intervenes in case of complaints), on the other hand, Amazon also offers preferential rates with its transport partners.

Now, if your desire is to carry out the entire logistics operation, we recommend that you make the price comparison depending on the type of product you sell, although you can finally sell in both marketplaces.

3. Trust

Another reason eBay in Pakistan can be seen to be the sellers' choice is that it is much more difficult to receive returns and refunds. You can even check the "no returns" box if you really want to simplify your life. This is what sadly puts many people in Pakistan and in other countries are out to selling in Amazon in Pakistan, due to their AZ Guarantee.

Don't get me wrong, from a customer point of view, the AZ guarantee is amazing and is a key selling point of my purchase from an Amazon seller as I feel protected and secure.

Let me ask you a question, if you were to buy something, would you buy it from a store where you know it is reliable and safe or from the store that does not support you after the purchase?

The answer is simple!

This is why Amazon has so many followers, people trust that. You see their logo and you say, "Ah, Amazon."

Therefore, you should consider that if you want to attract more buyers Amazon will be the best option because of the TRUST it has built over the years with its AZ Claim guarantee, but if you are a seller who definitely does not want to accept any type of returns or refunds even though your audience is smaller, then the best option will be eBay.

Now, remember that as long as your products are perfectly described and your photos are professional quality showing your product, you will reduce your chances of having many returns and refunds.

4. Benefits for Buyers

One feature that Amazon boasts that eBay really can't compete with is its Amazon Prime program.

I am one of the people who cannot live without Amazon prime and I refuse to buy elsewhere. There are people like me who will look no further to buy a product, even if they know they can get in their car, run to the store, and buy it themselves. Why? Because they know they can ship it to your door the same day and most likely cheaper too. And accept payment via easy methods, like credit cards or PayPal. But PayPal in Pakistan not allow and many Pakistani are facing issues with payment if they purchase from Amazon, so the best way is to use eBay to shop online and use a credit card.

Well, we have given you four points of comparison so that you can decide which is better: Amazon or eBay, we at Winners Online definitely believe that selling on Amazon offers more advantages for the moment.


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