When a person made Google Maps 'stupid' with a few smartphones

When a person made Google Maps 'stupid' with a few smartphones

Posted on Feb 4, 2020

Without Google, the world seems daunting, and without its Maps app, most of us can't even reach our destination.

But all Google Maps, equipped with state-of-the-art intelligence and technology, can be 'fooled' by a few smartphones.

Yes, an artist in Germany hacked Google Maps traffic display with 99 smartphones and a red wagon.

A man named Simon Wickert wandered the streets of Berlin carrying empty piles of smartphones, and wherever he went, a traffic-heavy zone suddenly appeared on Google Maps with a red mark, which resulted in drivers taking the streets. Saved the destination from other places.

Simon Wickert showed it all in a video on YouTube, and he tricked Google Maps traffic prediction mechanism.

This app constantly determines the volume and speed of traffic using smartphones pings.

During this experiment, all 99 smartphones were turned on with Google Maps.

Simon Wickert did the experiment last summer and released his results this week around the 15th anniversary of Google Maps.

He said he could not say for sure whether Google had updated Maps to prevent such stunts.

He added that he wants to draw the attention of people who blindly trust technology companies and platforms.

"We pay attention to a lot of apps like Google Maps and treat them as goods, the data is viewed as a world, forgetting that the numbers represent a model of this world," he says. ۔

On the other hand, a Google spokeswoman said, "We love seeing such creative uses of Google Maps because it helps us improve maps."


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