WhatsApp is Working on Introducing New Feature

WhatsApp is Working on Introducing New Feature

WhatsApp is working on introducing a feature that users have long been waiting for as it already exists in other popular apps. With this new WhatsApp feature, users will be able to use their accounts at the same time on multiple devices.

Needless to say, at this time WhatsApp accounts can only be used on one device at a time, and when logged in to another device the account is logged out from the first device.
According to WhatsApp updates site WABetaInfo, Facebook's proprietary messaging app is working on developing a feature that will allow users to use WhatsApp account across multiple devices at once, Chat & To End Will be encrypted as a new method of assignment is being created in the messaging app for this purpose.

WhatsApp can be used on the web and smartphones at the moment, but it requires an Internet connection to the phone and has to be kept close to the desktop. News about this feature first surfaced in July, and WABetainfo reported that WhatsApp is working on a new platform (Universal Windows Platform) that will simultaneously integrate an account. Will help you log in on many devices.

Thanks to this platform, users will be able to use their WhatsApp account across multiple devices, thus making the service work like Apple's iMessage or Facebook Messenger.

Now the site says that details will be released in the next few weeks along with screenshots to explain to users how the registration will work.

However, how long it may or may not be available to the general consumer is difficult to say. This type of feature is already present in the Telegram messaging app, which makes it possible for users to simultaneously log in to multiple devices from an account using cloud technology.
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