WhatsApp has crossed a new milestone

WhatsApp has crossed a new milestone

WhatsApp has crossed a new milestone

San Francisco: The largest messaging mobile application, WhatsApp has crossed a new milestone.

According to reports, the number of users of WhatsApp reached 2 billion worldwide, the new milestone, WhatsApp became the most popular messenger app in the world.

A blog released by WhatsApp confirmed the number of users is two billion and said that the company achieved the target in 11 years.

The blog states that the WhatsApp is committed to providing end-to-end encryption to consumers around the world, while the company has been widely criticized by governments of most countries.

WhatsApp's blog states that 'End-to-end encryption is an unbeatable digital lock, the information being sent is completely safe and hackers or criminals have no access to it'.

The company assured consumers on the occasion that the company does not have access to their chats, calls or contacts, nor is anyone authorized.

WhatsApp's blog states that "encryption is a vital and fundamental need of modern life; we will not compromise on our security but will introduce sophisticated technology to provide users with a secure platform so that the misuse of the app is stopped immediately.



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