WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram Services Affected All Over the World Including Pakistan

WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram Services Affected All Over the World Including Pakistan

Posted on Oct 4, 2021

The services of major social media websites Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger have been affected in most parts of the world, including Pakistan.

According to foreign news agencies, the issue started at 8:44 pm Pakistani time, after which users around the world are having difficulty accessing these web social media platforms.

"Some people have difficulty accessing and using our products and applications," Facebook spokesman Andy Stone said in a Twitter message.

"We are doing everything possible to normalize the situation as soon as possible and apologize for the inconvenience," he added.

Why WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram Are Not Working

WhatsApp also said in a message on the social networking site Twitter that "we are aware that some people are having problems using WhatsApp at the moment, we are working to restore the situation to normal and soon We will keep you updated.

Later, Instagram also confirmed the problems in a statement released on Twitter, saying that Instagram and friends are facing some problems at the moment and you may have problems using it.

According to the website DownDictor, 20,000 people have reported Facebook and Instagram being affected.

Similarly, 14,000 users have complained about the messaging platform WhatsApp, while more than 3,000 users say they are unable to use Messenger.

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However, given the worldwide use of Facebook, and WhatsApp it is feared that millions of people could be affected by the service's impact.

All three of these applications (WhatsApp, Instagram), owned by Facebook, run on a common infrastructure and are unable to function.

Users who open Facebook are receiving 'error page' or 'this browser not connected' messages.

In addition to mobile phone apps, there are difficulties in using the desktop versions of Facebook and Instagram.

Messenger/WhatsApp users have difficulty sending and receiving messages, as well as accessing other Facebook-linked websites such as workplaces.

On the social networking site Twitter, people are posting messages affecting the services of Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. in their respective countries.

Websites like Facebook are generally less affected, but whenever this problem occurs, the effects are compounded, as it causes the world's three most widely used applications to stop working simultaneously. Do

Whenever there has been such a problem before, the company has always been unable to give reasons or details even after the problem has been resolved.

These Problems Also Occurred Previously

Earlier, when the problem occurred in 2019 after the network was restored, Facebook was content to say that there was a problem with their system while repairing the room.

In documents released in 2019, Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg called the impact of the services the biggest problem.

He said that whenever such a problem arises, people start using another network or platform and it is very difficult to restore their confidence and persuade them to use Facebook again.

It should be noted that even before this, the service of Facebook and their social sharing website Instagram has been down.

The last time this problem occurred was in March last year, and even then millions of consumers around the world were facing difficulties.


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