What will be the speed of Five G?

What will be the speed of Five G?

Posted on Nov 4, 2019

During its trial last year, it was revealed that the Five G network would suffer from an existing mobile internet connection and would be ten times faster than a home broadband connection. At the Mobile World Congress last year, Samsung introduced the Five G home router with a speed of 4 gigabits per second, or it could even be called 500 megabits per second, with a fifty GB file just two minutes away. While a hundred GB movie can be downloaded in four minutes.

Currently, the average Internet speed in the US is only 55 megabits per second. However, when the FIVE G technology truly comes to fruition, one can accurately predict what its average speed will be during various obstacles or crowds of people, but it will still be several times faster than the Four GLTEs if fifty percent. Even if low, the speed of the domestic Internet will be 2 gigabytes per second while a gigabyte per second can be termed as great in the current context.

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