What Should I Do After CCIE Security Certification?

What Should I Do After CCIE Security Certification?


The CCIE Security Certification is regarded as the Ph.D. of Cisco certifications. The CCIE Security Certification Training is gaining rampant popularity in the contemporary era. This is an important Certification in the contemporary era. But what remains a question is what to do after getting the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert Security Certification. In this article, we shall help you to explore the scope of your career after you get the prestigious Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert Security Certification Training.

Scope and contours of the Career Post Certification

  1. Recertification:

The Cisco certification rules provided that in case you do not recertify the previous certificate then the certificate will get expired.  And this will result in the wastage of your valuable time and effort with which you could possess the first certificate. However, an important point to be noted is that the deadline for the certification is within 2 years, so there is nothing to get worried about it.  However, for the purpose of getting the next certification, a candidate is required to get the credit by attending the Cisco Continuing Education Program. The candidates are required to attend the various courses in order to earn the credits. Next, an important point to be kept in mind is that one is required to get a hundred credits within two years for the purpose of the certification.  It is interesting to know that the courses offered to play a pivotal role in shaping our skills and expertise.

  1. Recertification with Cisco Certificates:

After one has cleared the CCIE Security Exam, one also has the option to recertify one’s CCIE Security Exam, by opting for another CCIE. Similar to the CCNA and CCNP, the CCIE also has different certifications for different scopes. However, it is a matter of your personal choice about which Certification you are choosing. But there is no doubt in the fact, that this recertification would help you make your curriculum vitae even more worthy and weighty. So, you may go for it.

  1. CCIE Data Center

Another amazing option for those who have already gotten their CCIE Security Exam cleared, is to possess the CCIE Data Center Certification. It instills in the candidate’s great capabilities, expertise, and high quality of efficiency, to combat any set of circumstances. It also helps in getting the best management skills with regard to the software of Datacenters. After one gets the CCIE Data Center Certification, it will pave the career scope to various avenues. You can get as many as Job options too. Once, a candidate is possessing the CCIE Security Certification, it becomes really easier to get the CCIE Data Center Certification. And there is no dispute in the fact that getting these two Certifications will help you to get a good reputation, a high amount of salary, ample opportunities for job and promotions.

  1. CISSP Certification:

This is really a piece of important information for all with the CCIE Security Certification.  In case you are starting out the role of security, then getting the CISSP certification is really grueling. One is mandated to attend the examination and clear them with minimum passing marks. However, one cannot earn the Certification, until and unless one has not bagged the five years of paid work experience. However, there are ways of mitigating the required time to one year less.

 There is good news too. One can get the CISSP certification, which brings a lot of good opportunities for the career, even in case one does not possess five years of paid work experience. One can become an (ISC)² Associate by simply clearing the CISSP certification exam. Most employers are seeking candidates holding these certifications. As a matter of fact, both of these certifications are related to Security. A CCIE Security is quite beneficial in possessing the CISSP Certificate.


As already mentioned, there is a wide scope of career options, after you get the CCIE Security Certification or the CCIE Security Training. The career options remain similar even in case you possess the CCIE Security Online Training or the CCIE Security Online Certification. They are undoubtedly contributory factors for the purpose of attaching the weight to your curriculum vitae or resume.



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