What are some mind-blowing facts about Google?

What are some mind-blowing facts about Google?

These days almost everyone is familiar with Google. Globally, it is an essential part of life in the modern world. The use of Google is not limited; it is used in offices, schools, colleges, universities, libraries as it contains everything you want to know about. For academic purposes, students take all the important information from Google and the best source of help for them. There is no limit to data stored in it. You can search, whatever you want, Google will provide the best answer for your queries. In addition to that, it is a basic need for the whole world. If Google stops working for a single day, it can affect billions of dollars of business. The economies of various countries can collapse within no time. 

Most visited website of the world

There is no doubt in it that Google is working non-stop for the users. During 24 hours, you can search freely according to your desire. You just need to click and it will give you a bewitching result. People are using it excessively throughout the world, but they always respond in proper time. According to a research, there are 1.17 billion monthly active Google users in the world. 

Help in online businesses

The online business is expanding day by day, which is impossible without the assistance of Google. Globally, Google is playing a key role in making people earn money online. China and USA are doing most part of their business online, it not only help in earning money but also aiding to boost up their economies. 

Google owns YouTube

It is another mesmerizing fact of Google that it owns YouTube. Almost everyone is well-known with YouTube. It is basically used worldwide for videos and entertainment and currently has billions of registers users. There are a lot of documentaries of the different parts of the whole world are available on it. A number of businesses operate through YouTube that makes it a source of income for various people. Moreover, the students of the whole world are getting benefit from it, because every study relevant things are available on it. 

Search Google through voice   

One of the startling facts of Google is that you can search it through your voice. This technique is really mind-blowing that one can search by voice, and save maximum time from typing the words. Users can just speak their query instead of typing. Moreover, it is the also best technique for the blinds, who are unable to write.

AdSense is Google’s network for selling advertising on its partner sites

It is another important fact of Google that it allows the partner sites to advertise over it. Google pays those websites and promoted other businesses through this. 
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