Ufone Advance Balance Code for 2021 | UAdvance

Ufone Advance Balance Code for 2021 | UAdvance

UAdvance "Ufone Advance Balance"

When you run out of balance, UAdvance allows you to get an instant balance.

To subscribe to the Ufone Advance Balance, follow the steps below. The Ufone Advance Code 2021 has been changed, and you can now apply for a Ufone Advance Balance loan at any time and from anywhere.

What kind of Advance balance is provided?

All Ufone subscribers with a balance of less than Rs. 11.95 will get Rs. 20 in the form of an advance balance.

What is Ufone Advance Balance Code?

Ufone Advance Balance Code for Prepaid Customers Dial advance code *456# from your prepaid phone number.

Is Ufone charge for an advance loan?

Yes, Rs. 4.40+tax will be deducted along with the advance sum the next time you reload.

Can postpaid customers avail UAdvance?

Customers on postpaid plans may also use the Ufone Advance Balance program. The following are the specifics:

  • Dial code *229# from your postpaid sim number.
  • (Rs. 5 + tax) (A flat rate of Rs. 5 is paid, with tax applied to the total invoice amount.)

Terms of UAdvance

Just use SIMs provided via Biometric Verified by PTA because your SIM is your identity.

About Ufone

Ufone is a subsidiary of the Etisalat Group, which began operations in January 2001. Since then, it has developed a presence in all of Pakistan's major cities and extensive coverage across all of the country's major towns, villages, and tehsil headquarters.

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