Twitter has Announced Banning Political Advertising in its Service

Twitter has Announced Banning Political Advertising in its Service

Posted on Nov 1, 2019

Social networking site Twitter has announced banning political advertising in its service, calling it an important step in preventing the spread of misinformation about elections.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey made the announcement in various tweets.

"We have decided to ban political advertising on Twitter around the world,"
he wrote in a tweet.

He wrote,
"Although Internet advertising can be very powerful and effective, it poses some dangers to politics, as it can affect millions of lives by using it to influence votes."

He said the company recognizes that advertising on social media has unequivocally greater reach than other mediums, and is not an expression of independence.

Following the announcement from Twitter, such a move on Facebook also increased the pressure, but Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg released quarterly statistics yesterday, saying his company believes the political event is very important. Is.

He said he too was considering a ban on political advertising, but he could not say for sure until now.

He said that this is a complex matter; if anyone says that the answer is simple, he is not thinking about its challenges, I do not think anyone can say that we are not doing anything in this regard. ۔

It is thought that after Donald Trump's shocking victory in the US elections in 2016, Facebook and Twitter were accused of influencing the social platform election results, which led to Donald Trump's victory.

Facebook and founder Mark Zuckerberg dismissed the accusation by people and organizations at a conference, saying that Facebook did not influence the election results in any way.

However, social media sites have been continuously taking steps in this regard for years so that it is not possible to use them as propaganda for elections.

Google has also not released a statement on Twitter's policy change.

A detailed policy on Twitter will be released on November 15 and will begin on November 22.

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