Turkey: Millions of Dollars Fined on Social Media Companies Including Facebook and Twitter

Turkey: Millions of Dollars Fined on Social Media Companies Including Facebook and Twitter

Turkey has fined several social media companies, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram, 1.2 million for non-compliance with the new social media law.

It should be noted that under the new law enacted in Turkey last month, a social media company with more than 1 million daily users will be required to appoint a representative who will be accountable to the company in Turkish courts. According to foreign news agency AFP, the law requires a social media company representative to remove "controversial" content within 48 hours and ensure compliance with orders regarding the protection of user data inside Turkey.

Critics say the government is seeking to bridge differences by using online platforms after tightening its grip on the mainstream media. Omar Fateh, Turkey's deputy transport and infrastructure minister and chairman of the Information and Communication Technologies Authority, said on Twitter that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Periscope, YouTube, and TikTok would be fined.

He said that foreign social media companies operating in Turkey have been informed about the rules which must be complied with. He said further non-compliance would result in a 3.4 million fine, a ban on advertising, and a 50 percent reduction in bandwidth within five months. Omar Fateh said that companies that still do not comply with the law will have a 90% reduction in bandwidth.

He said if companies complied with the law, sanctions would be lifted and a quarter of the fines would be collected. It should be noted that the Turkish parliament passed a controversial bill for greater government control over social media, which raised concerns about freedom of expression in the country.

Under the new law passed by the Turkish parliament, major social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter will have to ensure the presence of their representatives in Turkey and comply with court orders to remove certain content.


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