Tricks you should be aware of in Google Maps

Tricks you should be aware of in Google Maps

Avoid traffic or find a way to get there, and even if you do not find parking on the floor, the mind is prone to irritation.

Fortunately, the Google Maps app is the solution to all the problems that many users provide.

But there are also some features that very few people are aware of, that is, if you are familiar with Google Maps, saved addresses like work and home, then with one click you get to these places. Where to go often

You can also learn about places to eat, places to live, and more, but Google Maps also helps you with things you might not know like offline. Loading a map for use, it not only gives you an accurate estimate of when you arrive but can do much more.

Learn about some of the features that are available in Google Maps but most people are not aware of them.

See where you are walking in the live view

Sometimes it's difficult to go one or two miles away to see a small blue dot figure knowing where you want to go, but the solution is Google Live View Tool, which you can see on the phone screen. Where are you headed This feature's phone camera helps you find the right location by scanning the buildings and locations around you. To use it, register your destination in Google Maps and click Go.

Then select the Walking Icon, click on the Live View bar at the bottom of the screen which is equal to the Start button Then point the camera at the building and street signs, as the floors move, the big arrows and street names will appear on your screen to guide you.

Try incognito mode

This is a new feature that was created a few weeks ago in Google Maps, which lets you hide your location from other Maps users and prevent them from being stored in your account data. Are. To use it, open Google Maps, click on the profile icon and turn on incognito mode, as well as turn it off.

Use offline maps

In places where phone signals don't work, you can use offline maps to find your destination for which you need to register your destination in the app, click on the place name at the bottom of the screen and in the upper right corner. Go to the three-dot menu and select the Download offline map option and load the download.

Plan a tour

If the time taken to go to a place in Google Maps is 7 hours and you take 8 hours, one of the reasons is that you did not include your commute destinations. Google Maps gives you the option of adding places to stay so they can know the exact time to reach the destination.

To use it, register your first destination, such as a hotel, in Google Maps, then click Directions.

Now go to the three-dot menu and click on the ad stop option and register as many places as you intend to stay, and then click on Dune to know the exact time to reach the destination.

See photos of places before you go

Online Photos can be tricked, so check them first on Google Maps by booking a hotel that looks good.

Search for the desired hotel or place on Google Maps for this purpose and in the bottom left corner, you will see a small box with a picture of a building, which will be the street view of the area, click on how it looks. It is visible.

You can also zoom in to see this area on a better screen


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