TikTok introduces the feature of family pairing to protect young people from online threats

TikTok introduces the feature of family pairing to protect young people from online threats

Posted on Apr 18, 2020

Today, the fast-growing video-sharing app TikTok, in the world, has banned users under 16 from sending direct messages to each other.

Now, this social media app has also introduced another feature called Family Pairing to protect young people from online threats.

According to a company statement, more and more families are turning to Internet platforms, such as TikTok, for entertainment, tracking and keeping in touch.

The statement said that even before the new Coronavirus epidemic was occurring, the outbreak of the outbreak has only intensified and social distance has brought families closer and hence a tool is being introduced to ensure a safe experience.

The Family Pairing Tool provides parents and young people with safety settings tailored to their individual needs, which can help parents guide their young children.


In addition to family pairings, TikTok has already introduced various features for its users, such as educational safety videos, top ten tips for parents, parental guides, according to the statement.

The Family Pairing Tool will be available to users over the next few weeks, allowing parents to link their TikTok account to child accounts and set the following controls:

Screen time management

Parents will be able to determine how much time their children can spend on TikTok daily with the help of this tool, and TikTok has also partnered with Top Creators to create short-duration videos that allow users to Have to estimate how much time they spend on the application.

These videos suggest various steps to take some work offline, for example, reading a book.

Restricted Mode

This will help prevent inappropriate content from appearing on the children's feed.

Family peering allows parents to help their children set screen time management and restructured modes at any time by going to the app's digital wheel bag controls.

Direct messages

It's mentioned above, and with this new tool, parents can decide who can send messages to their children's accounts, restrict it, or turn off direct messaging altogether. ۔ On April 30, direct messaging on accounts registered by members under the age of 16 will automatically shut down.

The company said:

'We are committed to providing parents with information about how their young children use tick-talk, and facilitating responsible navigation between families, on digital platforms. We believe that these initiatives not only provide a safer and more reliable experience for people of all ages, but our progress in this area has never been greater. We look forward to working with all our stakeholders to continue to improve through new features and resources to help our community with the digital experience. '


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