TikTalk Introduces First Phone

TikTalk Introduces First Phone

The Chinese company, which has created a video editing sharing application 'TikTalk', has launched its first smartphone, a national and moral security issue for many countries. 'Tik Talk' application maker Chinese company Byte Dance has introduced its first smartphone 'Nut Pro 3' in partnership with other companies.

The 'TikTalk' company raised the idea in May this year that the company intends to introduce the smartphone and in July it was confirmed that the company will introduce the phone by the end of the year. And now the company introduces its first phone, initially offered for sale in China.

In its report, the technology company 'Anggate', citing Chinese and other companies, said that the smartphone offered by the 'Tik Talk' company was initially offered for sale in China.

Nott Pro Three has been named in the Chinese language 'Jiangpo Pro Three' and this company's first mobile has been offered for sale in different versions. The cheapest version of the 'Nut Pro Three' equipped with a 48-megapixel camera is priced at the US $ 380 for about the US $ 60,000.

Similarly, the most expensive version of the same mobile has been offered for sale for the US $ 412, ie Pakistani over Rs. 64,000. The company's first mobile has been given 12 GB of RAM while it has a storage capacity of up to 256 GB.

The phone also features other applications, including 'TikTalk' developed by the company, as well as its technology, including an attempt to present the company's design in a sophisticated way. It is believed that the company that produces the 'TikTalk' will be able to catch the attention of the mobile.

The company has not made any announcement regarding the sale of this mobile for sale in other countries, but it is expected to be introduced in South Asia by the beginning of next year.
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