Tik Tok Has Now Been Accused of Collecting Users Personal Data

Tik Tok Has Now Been Accused of Collecting Users Personal Data

Posted on Dec 4, 2019

App Tik Tok, owned by Chinese company Bait Dance, has made its 15-second videos popular worldwide and is quickly becoming a major threat to Facebook.

However, Tik Tok has now been accused of collecting users' personal data and sending it to China.

The indictment was filed in California federal court in the United States last week.

The Chinese company has also been accused of protecting users' content, such as draft videos, while its privacy policies are vague.

According to the request, confidentiality privacy policies result in the fact that Tik Tok can be used to identify, profile and track users in the United States while the company will benefit from this alleged activity because of the data. It can sell for targeted ads.

The lawsuit added that Tik Tok may have to pay the Indian price of lightweight entertainment.

These allegations have come to the fore when considerable measures are being taken in the US regarding Tik Tok, and the US government is already reviewing the app as a threat to its security.

The lawsuit was filed by Misty Hong, a California-based student.

According to the lawsuit, Tik Tok videos often show people's faces very closely, allowing the company to collect biometric data of its users, once a user creates a video and presses the Next button, these videos Moves across multiple domains without their knowledge and this happens when users have not even posted or saved the video.

According to the request, the student had downloaded Tik Tok in March or April 2019 but did not make his account, but several months later he discovered that Tik Tok had created an account of his.

They produced 5 or 6 videos in Tik Tok but didn't save or post, but Tik Tok still collected these videos and student data without information and sent it to servers in China.

Tik Tok also collects many types of data such as phone and social network communications, email addresses, IP addresses, location, and other information, the statement added.

The application continues to collect biometric and user data even when the app is closed by the user.


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