This foldable concept phone is also cheaper than the Motorola Razr

This foldable concept phone is also cheaper than the Motorola Razr

Most people know TCL in terms of cheap smart television, but the company plans to introduce a foldable phone soon.

TCL, the owner of leading mobile phone manufacturers such as BlackBerry and Alcatel, launched CES technology in Las Vegas, which offered a concept foldable phone that would cost less than $ 150 a Motorola Razr flip phone.

The first glimpse of it was presented at the Mobile World Congress last year, but at CES its working prototype was presented to the public.

The phone is of a quadrilateral design that opens from the middle and shows a 7.2-inch plastic display with no selfie camera inside, but there are 4 cameras on the back.

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Unlike other foldable phones, the TCL's device can stand on the floor even when folded, while folding like a laptop can be used to type half of its screen.


Photo courtesy of Meshable
The company says it is working on designs for dozens of foldable phones, while also working on such smart glasses and smart home products.

The concept phone will work on an Android operating system with 4 cameras on the back, including the main sensor, the other a low light, the third a spider angle and a fourth macro sensor.

The phone is expected to be offered with Snapdragon 765 or 765G processor with Five G support.


Photo courtesy of Meshable
The date and price of the company were not announced by the company, but the name was not disclosed, but it was assured that it would be introduced sometime this year and the price would be reasonable enough for most people. For the first time will be able to use a foldable screen


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