The world's most powerful computer active to defeat the Corona virus

The world's most powerful computer active to defeat the Corona virus

Posted on Mar 25, 2020

The world's fastest supercomputer is also in gesticulation to overthrow the new Novel Corona virus.

The worldwide outbreak of the new virus is a test for scientists that is extraordinary, and to beat its spread, it is important to advance the research process even faster.

And Conference, the world's fastest supercomputer, is deliberated to do just that.

CNN reports that this IBM supercomputer is equipped with artificial intelligence, which can perform thousands of analyzes that can help determine which compounds can effectively prevent the virus from infecting cells.

This supercomputer has identified 77 chemical compounds that can be helpful in the preparation of the most effective vaccine.

Scientists at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory published the results in the journal ChemRxiv.

It is to be noted that this computer was developed by the US Department of Tawaai in 2014 to solve high-quality problems.

Its power is 200 petaflops and a betflop means that one thousand trillion operations per second, meaning that this supercomputer can do 2 million trillion calculations per second.

Prior to this, the computer has identified Alzheimer's cellular systems, analyzed genes that contribute to habits such as opiate addiction, and predicted climate change.


How will this fight against the Coronavirus?


Viruses infect the host cells and the task of this computer is to find compounds that prevent the cells from spreading the process.

Through the research, scientists established an ideal of the coronavirus point protein and tried to find out through the computer how this viral protein reacts to different compounds.

The supercomputer functioned more than 8,000 simulations to find out which of these combinations could prevent virus spike protein roles and identify 77.

Currently, the research team will once again recurrence this procedure in the computer and this time this month use the more authentic model of the Coronavirus spike protein.

Once the compounds have been identified, they will be experimentally tested and decided on which chemicals may work better.

The researchers stated in a statement that our findings do not mean that we have discovered the treatment of the coronavirus, but these findings may help future research studies and make it easier to develop more effective vaccines.


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