The World's First Motorcycle Equipped With Radar Technology

The World's First Motorcycle Equipped With Radar Technology

An Italian company has developed the world's first motorcycle with radar technology. The company, called Ducati, has started production of the Multi-Strada V4 motorcycle, which it claims has radar technology on the front and rear.

Ducati was working on the system with another company, Bosch. Each radar weighs 190 grams and is about the size of an action camera, so this radar system has no significant effect on the weight or volume of the motorcycle. The radar on the front of the motorcycle enables adaptive cruise control, which helps the V4 to automatically distance itself from other riders on the road.

This radar is activated when the speed of the motorcycle is between 30 to 16 kilometers per hour. The radar on the back of the motorcycle identifies the vehicles that are in the blind spot of the motorcyclists. This system notifies you when other vehicles are speeding towards the motorcycle.

According to the company, radar technology will protect motorcyclists from possible accidents. The company did not provide further details about the motorcycle. Simply put, it is being given a new, lighter, and more compact V4 engine.

The company has not yet revealed the shape of the motorcycle but did say that it will be unveiled on November 4.


Motorcycle with radar technology

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