The WhatsApp feature that users have long been waiting for

The WhatsApp feature that users have long been waiting for

Posted on Jan 23, 2020

Despite being one of the most popular mobile apps, the WhatsApp feature has not yet been introduced in the Dark mode and users are eagerly waiting for it.

But that change is coming to WhatsApp very soon as the Dark Mode setting is now introduced in WhatsApp Beta version for Android.

This feature will allow users to select Light or Dark theme, while the system default theme may also be possible if using a phone with Android 9 or later operating system.

Users using this option beta version can go to settings and view in chats and themes there.

Android users will need the new beta version of WhatsApp (2.20.13) to use this option and this is possible only if you have signed up as a beta tester (at this time WhatsApp requires more beta testers not accepting.

But the arrival of this feature in the beta version is a good indication that the Dark theme will be available to all users very soon.

Dark Mode is a feature that WhatsApp-owned company Facebook promised in 2018 and has been working on ever since.

Right now the Dark theme in BetaVision is not completely black, but it will be in dark grey.

Dark mode has previously been introduced in a number of applications including YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Messenger, but this option has not yet been introduced in the main Facebook app.


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