The Significant reduction in sales of iPhones due to Corona virus

The Significant reduction in sales of iPhones due to Corona virus

Posted on Mar 10, 2020

The proliferation of the Coronavirus has resulted in a significant drop in sales of Apple iPhones.

According to a Reuters report, Apple sold only 4,94,000 iPhones in China, its largest market in February, 61% lower than the same period last year.

The figures look worse when Apple sells more than two million smartphones in China in January 2020, according to the China Academy of Information Communication Technology.

As a result of the Coronavirus, sales of Android phones have also declined and in February 2020, their number has increased to just over 5.8 million and in February 2019 over 12.7 million phones were sold.

Overall, China sold more than 6.3 million phones in February, compared to 15 million in the same month last year, the lowest smartphone sales in February, the lowest since 2012, when China The Academy of Information and Communication Technology began releasing statistics.

The significant decline in the sale of smartphones is a direct result of the Coronavirus outbreak, while stores along with Apple and several other companies were closed in February, while demand dropped.

Apple itself issued a warning in February that revenue from this quarter was likely to be affected by the Coronavirus as a result of a decline in production and demand.

It should be noted that most of Apple's iPhones are manufactured in China while sales are also high there.


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