The 'Real Reason' of Hiding likes on Instagram has Surfaced

The 'Real Reason' of Hiding likes on Instagram has Surfaced

Posted on Dec 9, 2019

In this popular photo-sharing application from Instagram, the feature to hide likes on posts has been introduced in different countries.

The user can see the number of likes on his post but not on the posts of others, which Instagram chief Adam Missouri has termed as more and more pressure on young people.

In simple terms, when you don't see likes on other posts, you will not feel bad about liking your posts, and according to Adam Missouri, "We make decisions that can affect businesses, but the purpose of people's personality and Helps health '.

But this explanation is not a complete story, and according to a new CNBC report, Facebook believes that hiding the likes will actually prompt the user to post more.

In fact, not only the posts but also the company believes that users will spend more time in the app, which will increase Facebook advertising revenue through Instagram users.

Adam Missouri also acknowledged the potential impact, but the specifications being made by the company repeatedly stated that the purpose was to improve the platform.

Adam Missouri said in an interview last month: 'This is for young people, this is to ease the pressure on Instagram users and instead of competing, people will have more opportunities to connect with people, things will affect them. '.

It should be noted that this feature is currently undergoing testing in various countries and no announcement has been made as to whether it will be a permanent change.

But after this change, well-known celebrities and consumers who are getting more attention in this app have threatened to leave the platform to hide licenses.

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