The messaging app is a source of Spy

The messaging app is a source of Spy

Posted on Dec 24, 2019

One of the most often said about messaging apps is that they collect users' data and use them to show ads.

But now there is also an app that is designed with people's spying in mind.

The claim was made by the New York Times in a report citing unidentified US officials.

According to the report, the chat app ToTok is believed to be the source of surveillance for the United Arab Emirates.

The report said that this app is being used by the UAE for users to interact, find out the location, determine social relations and view their photos and videos and more.

The majority of users who use this app are also affiliated with the UAE, but it has recently become popular in various countries, especially in the US.

The report says that it appears that an attempt has been made to hide the premise of the app, but officially it was developed by Burge Holding, but it has been leaked by UAE intelligence officials, the NSA and former Israeli intelligence officials. Dark Matter, the cyber intelligence company run by, is believed to be the face.

Its software package is affiliated with AI, a data mining company called DarkMeter, and this software is a slightly modified clone version of the Chinese app YeeCall.

This app has been removed from the App Store by Apple and Google.

Google says the app violates the policies and according to Apple it is currently researching it

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