The Image That Revolutionized the World of Computers and the Internet "The World's First JPEG Image"

The Image That Revolutionized the World of Computers and the Internet "The World's First JPEG Image"

Take a look at the picture above, you may have seen it before.

Even if you haven't seen it, know that this image has been the basis of the most important part of the computer and internet world for almost 5 decades. That part is JPEG (JPG).

Yes, indeed the picture published in Playboy magazine in November 1972 revolutionized the computer world. As a result of this photo, record copies of this magazine were sold in November 1971, and to date, not so many copies have been sold in a month. This picture of Swedish model Lena Woodberg has solved a great problem of computer experts of that time.

Six months after the magazine was published, a group of computer engineering students at the University of Southern California was having a strange time. He was working on a project for his new compression algorithm, which aimed to make the image file volume acceptable for devices. For this purpose, he was trying to scan his computer and upload a picture but was not happy with the result.

He used all the stock images of the university, which had been used for television test patterns since the early 1960s. As they were trying to find a solution, a university staffer brought in the November issue of the magazine. Seeing this, the students felt that their problem had been solved.

The students took only the face from the picture which seemed ideal for the output dynamic range for their project. Then scanned the face and successfully uploaded it to your computer and thus the world's first jpeg image arrived. They passed the image through sets of analog-to-digital converters and saved 512 line scans to their Hewlett-Packard 2100.

Using the then-Internet version of Arapaint, the students transferred the image to the computer engineering departments of several universities. The image now known as Lena or Lenna has been the computer science standard for decades. Its importance in the digital world cannot be denied as the JPEG format has resulted in the opportunity to upload trillions of images on the Internet with very little data.

This image format has been copied and re-analyzed trillions of times and adapted to the needs of the present age. In fact, many thought the picture was not real, but that the students had modeled a fictitious figure. University students and computer scientists bought the November 1972 issue of the magazine in record numbers to see pictures of the same model.

However, she was a real woman who now lives in Sweden and is 68 or 69 years old. His son is also part of the world of technology and often tries to explain to his mother how his image was used. According to the woman, my son works with Pixels, which I do not understand, but I think I have done something good.


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