The Galaxy S20's camera system is quite different from Samsung's phones

The Galaxy S20's camera system is quite different from Samsung's phones

Samsung's new flagship Galaxy S20 series phones are being introduced next week and are set to prove to be the company's most unique devices.

Indeed, Samsung has made several significant changes to the Galaxy S20 series this time around compared to the Galaxy S10 series, but the camera system is the most prominent that has not been revealed in any of the company's phones yet.

Samsung is also offering a number of new software features for the camera, and now a leak has been reported that all back-cameras of the Galaxy S20 series phones are used to simultaneously take pictures (mainly 3 photos).

Samsung has quoted the XDA developer as saying that Samsung has named this feature QuickTech, which allows all three cameras on the back of the S20 Standard to be used simultaneously to capture a scene image. And then users will want to choose which of these three pictures they want to save.

This kind of feature was also given in the iPhone 11 but it requires a third-party app to use, while Samsung made it part of the phone's camera app.

Earlier, pictures of the three phones have also been leaked.

The Galaxy S20 has a Rectangular Camera module back with 3 cameras and LED flash, while the Volume button and Power button are both on the right, while the Bixby button on the left has been removed while the front camera has been infused. The display is provided in the middle.

The Galaxy S20 Plus is just like the S20 in design, its screen is bigger, while there are 4 cameras instead of 3 on the back.

Compared to the two, the Galaxy S20 Ultra is very different because it has a camera module on the back and also has 4 cameras, while the front has the same camera.

However, the Galaxy S20 Ultra has a peri-scope sensor capable of 10x optical zoom and 100x digital zoom, which the company has named the Space Zoom.

Earlier, another leak revealed that the Galaxy S20 Ultra will be the world's first smartphone with 16GB of RAM while 5000mAh battery will be compatible with 45 watts fast charging support.

It will be Samsung's first phone with a 108-megapixel main camera while the world's first phone with 40-megapixel selfie camera on the front.

Three phones from the Galaxy S20 will be introduced during an event on February 11 in San Francisco


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