The Founder of Wikipedia Introduced the Website WT Social

The Founder of Wikipedia Introduced the Website WT Social

Posted on Nov 18, 2019

Jimmy Wales, a co-founder of Wikipedia, the world's largest content website providing free information on almost every topic on the Internet, introduced the new social website against Facebook and Twitter.

The Social Website introduced by Jimmy Wales called "WT Social" is actually a continuation of the News website he was introduced 2 years ago.

Jimmy Wales introduced the Wikipedia-style news website, 'Wiki Tribune', in 2017, the website aims to make the situation around the world more accessible to the audience. The Wikipedia Tribune is a unique news website in the world that can edit and change articles and news about other people like Wikipedia and therefore has less popular than other news sites.

Following the 'Wiki Tribune', its founder Jimmy Wales now introduces a social information sharing website called WT Social. Jammy Wales introduced this new social media platform on a trial basis a month ago but has now been formally introduced.

Jimmy Wales said in one of his tweets that over one million users created their accounts on the social website he introduced. He said that because Facebook and Twitter make money in advertising for the content of journalists, there is also the misinformation of consumers about the lure of earnings.

According to Jimmy Wells, there will be no ads on 'WT Social', though people on this forum will be demanding 'donations'. Jimmy Wales said it was up to the user who provided the 'donation' to WT Social, as the website also had the option to skip the donation feature.

He hoped that people on his social information website with no pay and no income would be able to deliver accurate and meaningful information to other people.

Creating an account on 'WT Social' is very easy, just like other social websites, it asks for first name, email, date of birth and other important information to create an account.

An account can be created on WT Social by clicking this link.

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