The first 'animal' discover that survives without oxygen

The first 'animal' discover that survives without oxygen

Needless to say, how much oxygen is vital to life on earth, we breathe, our cells work, and without it, there will certainly be a scene like Resurrection.

In fact, all kinds of multicellular or simple words on the earth have been living for millions or millions of years thanks to oxygen.

Take a deep breath as we now know of a small organism, Henneguya zschokkei, which lives within the salmon fish tissue and contains less than 10 cells.

Like jellyfish, these organisms survive without oxygen, and this is apparently the first multicellular 'animal' discovered that survives without oxygen is essential to life.

Researchers say that aerobic processes are thought to be respiratory (plants receive oxygen during which carbon dioxide gas is released but oxygen is not required in this process), But now we confirm that this is not the case.

The research, published in the journal Journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, evaluated and sequenced all the genes of this defective organism and discovered that it did not contain the DNA machinery required for respiration.

Researchers say that in fact, it does not contain myo-to-conidia (cells that contain respiratory and energy-producing enzymes), which use oxygen to make energy.

Interestingly, the first living organism without oxygen was discovered by accident because scientists were simply examining the genomes of different organisms, and in the meantime, when the Myo-Kandaria genes were discovered, they were discovered.

Scientists at the University of Tel Aviv involved in the study say that our discovery proves that the erotophobia can be amazing, that the aerobic process is an important source of respiratory energy and we have not yet seen an animal that has the most important source is left out.

But scientists have not yet been able to explain how it eventually receives living energy, but they think it will receive oxygen from salmon fish cells or grow in a manner similar to that of a single bacterium, which in the past I have come up with different details


Henneguya zschokkei

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