The Fastest Brand to Sell More than a Million Devices in Pakistan

The Fastest Brand to Sell More than a Million Devices in Pakistan

I'm telling you, I swear. More than a million units of Realme's products have been sold in Pakistan thus far this year. This sets it apart from the competition in the smartphone market, where it took the industry's quickest-moving brand only 15 months to cross the 500 million-device milestone. Realme has gained the hearts of over two million consumers in Pakistan since the brand's entrance.

It's interesting to note that this huge announcement comes at a time when a new gadget that is specifically tailored to the Gen-Z demographic is rumored to be in the works. Very soon, as well as a big price decrease, the soon-to-debut realme Narzo 30 will go on sale, coupled with the even bigger price cut for the realme C21.

Jadon Niu, CEO of realme Pakistan noted: "This is a momentous accomplishment, making us among the leaders in the smartphone business." We were the first brand in the business to sell to two million people in Pakistan since realme began selling there.

Realme leads the technology sector by always providing excellent gadgets to its followers. The Narzo series is one of our beloved game series, where the Narzo 30A (also known as the Narzo 30) quickly gained popularity, and now the Narzo 30 (also known as the Narzo 30A) is following suit. I believe it is likely that the realme C21 will be revealing a new price tag that will shock many.

Unique goods that are technologically sophisticated and deliver the best value for money are offered by the company Realme. For the forthcoming Narzo 30 and C21, the company has teamed with a combination of Generation Z talents Hasan Raheem, Ducky Bhai, Romaisa Khan, and Bilal Munir (who also goes by the name VideoWaliSarkar) in order to represent their C21 audience.

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About realme

Realme is a technology brand that delivers smartphones and IoT gadgets with cutting-edge capabilities that allow its customers to achieve high quality and exceptional functionality. youthful and globally-minded global citizens By providing realme goods, which have the newest design and technology, our goal is to enable the next generation to "Dare to Leap."

Realme was a mid-range smartphone brand which, according to the data of Counterpoint, was acknowledged as one of the major smartphone brands in the globe in the third quarter of this year. At the end of 2019, the global shipments of realme smartphones had surpassed 25 million, with a year-over-year increase of 808 percent. As a result, realme became the fastest-growing smartphone brand in the world for four quarters from 2019 to the second quarter of 2020. With a user base of over 70 million, Realme has penetrated 61 markets, including China, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Europe, Russia, Australia, and the Middle East.


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