The Endurance Challenge for the TECNO POVS 2 Battery Was Completed Successfully

The Endurance Challenge for the TECNO POVS 2 Battery Was Completed Successfully

Posted on Oct 22, 2021

The battery endurance tests for POVA 2 have come to an end. TECNO set five tasks for influencers and gamers to complete in order to put the new POVA 2's 7000mAh battery to the test. The challenges were created to see how long POVA 2 could last and whether someone could sit and drink POVA 2 until it ran out.

Because the younger generation enjoys showing off their gaming abilities, TECNO created this fun exercise for them. Mathira, a famous Pakistani model and television presenter, was chosen to host these challenges. The battery challenges were accepted by Ducky Bhai, Laraib Khalid, Ahmad OP, the TikTok couple Kanwal Aftab and Zulqarnain, and the extremely amusing Pantangeer's Amtul and Fahad.

TECNO POVA 2 battery challenge

All of the challenges were broadcast live to thousands of people on the influencers' individual channels. Mathira was on hand to keep the crowd entertained throughout Ducky, Ahmad OP, and Laraib Khalid's gaming sessions. The live sessions were a big hit, with fans raving about them on social media.

POVA 2 Battery Challenges became popular on social media after Ducky Bhai's debut live. The gaming abilities of Ahmad OP and Laraib Khalid astounded everyone. For almost 24 hours, Kanwal and Zulqarnain watched movies nonstop on their phone. Amtul and Fahad brought the POVA 2 on their road trip and used it for navigation, selfies, and other activities. At the conclusion of the tasks, all challengers' POVA 2 phones still had a lot of battery left.

TECNO POVA 2 battery challenge

The battery challenge was also conducted at Pakistan's universities, including in the country's main cities, such as Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi. Their Islamabad activity was a great success, with a large number of kids participating and winning interesting prizes. Stay tuned for additional information about their activities on campus.

This demonstrates the POVA 2 devices' large battery and long-lasting gaming. The challenges are now over, and all of the films can be seen on TECNO's official Facebook and YouTube channels.


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