The Earth's magnetic pole has shaking the minds of scientists

The Earth's magnetic pole has shaking the minds of scientists

Posted on Dec 30, 2019

The Earth's magnetic pole is shaking scientists' minds. During the past 40 years, the magnetic pole has been moving an average of 30 miles per year in the North Pole.

The magnetic north pole was also found in September for a short time from the geological north pole.

But the magnetic pole is constantly moving north and moving from its former centre to Canada.

According to Ciaran Beggan, a scientist with the British Geological Survey, the magnetic North Pole has spent the last 350 years roaming the same part of Canada, but since the 1980s the rate of movement has risen from 6.1 km a year to 31 km a year. ۔

Ciaran Beggan is among a group of scientists who track this pole's activities on an annual basis and is informed about the World Magnetic Model (WMM), which maps the Earth's magnetic field.

According to the latest WMM update, the magnetic pole is still moving north but now its speed has dropped to 24.8 years per mile.

"By 2040, all the poles will probably show the original north to the east, while the magnetic pole will move north to north Russia," the scientists said.

Earth's magnetic fields contain magnetic energy that protects the earth from the radiation of life-threatening and destructive suns, without which solar winds can destroy Earth's oceans and the atmosphere.

Ciaran Beggan said that the magnetic field and its poles are not poisonous, since scientists discovered the magnetic pole north in 1831, since then it has moved about 1400 miles from its location, compared to magnetic over the last decade. The South Pole did not move from its position.

Magnetic fields are essential for GPS apps and commercial aviation companies and this is why every 5 years an updated version of the global magnetic model is released by BGS and NOAA.

This global map does not show how the Earth's magnetic field is now every 5 years, instead it is a list of numbers that helps devices and navigators to know that the magnetic field is in the Earth over the next 5 years. How will

This map was last updated in 2015 and will be updated again in 2020.

But lately the magnetic pole's north speed has increased, making WMM not as authentic as before, and that's why it was released on December 10 instead of February next year.

However, the scientists say that the difference between this map and the magnetic pole's motion does not affect us as much as one can imagine.

He said that the poles and the GPS will continue to work as usual, not to worry that daily life will be affected.

One idea regarding this unusual activity is due to the weakening of the magnetic field.

Justin Renov, a scientist at the University of Minnesota, said recently that magnetic poles change their position as the magnetic field weakens.

This has happened many times in the history of the earth and the last time was 780,000 thousand years ago.

When the poles are replaced, the magnetic field strength decreases by up to 30%, the process decreases as the magnetic pole's strength decreases, and sometimes it disappears for some time when it does. The polar point points to the local magnetic north pole that spreads throughout the planet.

Then after a thousand years, these local poles become a large magnetic pole north.

But the process is completed so long that there are no special effects on the earth, the process of transformation was last completed 22,000 years ago.

In fact, scientists say that ordinary people never know that they are living in the process


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