Telenor Pakistan Third Company to Have Successful 5G Experience

Telenor Pakistan Third Company to Have Successful 5G Experience

Posted on Mar 16, 2020

Islamabad: Telenor Pakistan has become the third telecom company to have a successful experience of 5G in the country.

Irfan Wahab Khan, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Telenor Pakistan, told the media that just as some countries, including Malaysia and China, have taken steps to reduce the cost of doing business for the telecom sector. Our government should also implement a collective partnership formula.

"The world is moving forward and telecom companies are sharing a lot, but in Pakistan, we are investing in infrastructure such as towers," he added.

Telenor Pakistan, on the other hand, also released a video on social networking site Twitter that said that after the successful experience of 5G, the company has entered a new phase in the digital world that has never before.

According to the company, the speed of 5G is recorded at '1.5 gigabytes per second'.

Before Telenor Pakistan, Zong and Jazz claimed the successful experience of 5G in Pakistan.

In August last year, Zong claimed the successful experience of 5G, and on the occasion Wang Ha, the company's CEO, spoke to the media, saying that Zong continued to provide better service to consumers.

However, six months after Zong's successful experience, Mobilink (Jazz) also claimed to have had a successful experience with 5G.

Remember that when Zong tested 5G, they also advertised it on which Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) asked the mobile network company to withdraw its 5G ads and shut them down.

According to the PTA, Zong was only allowed to experience 5G, it was not allowed to normalize this service.

In addition, last year, the PTA demanded two more months from the Senate Committee to present a full plan of 5G that 4-5 years is required to start service in Pakistan.


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