TECNO to introduce Android 12 Beta Program in the latest CAMON 17 Pro

TECNO to introduce Android 12 Beta Program in the latest CAMON 17 Pro

TECNO teamed up with Google to support the most popular global Android™ brands in the latest CAMON 17 beta As soon as this is launched, we will begin distribution of the latest Android 12 Beta for TECNO users in Pakistan, which will be available in the industry.

As a side note, it was recently revealed that Android 12 is to be put into beta in May, but the final version is slated for release later. You should expect a June launch for CAMON 17. In order to give consumers a better, more fluid, more stable, and smarter Android experience, the app will be available on the Beta release. CAMON, known as the world over its incredible camera features, is TECNO's best-made mobile phone series. With a 5000mAh battery, 6.8-inch touchscreen, and 6GB of RAM, CAMON Pro will finally arrive as a 4G tablet.

TECNOVEX CEO Kelvin Zeng said:

They don't make any special effort to keep up with their applications or hardware. TECNO does its best to provide everybody a smooth cell phone and flawless phone experience with innovative apps and hardware. Our extended relationship with Google will allow us to keep CAMON Pro up to date with the new Android Beta release has proven to be very beneficial to us. It will have an extraordinary user interface, and also surprise them with a bunch of different ways to engage.

TECNO stands at the forefront of emerging in the mid-to-high end of the smartphone market with an ability to link modern technology to contemporary design Over the years, TECNO has brought many unique mobile innovations. The new CAMON 17 Pro is expected to provide something new and exclusive, such as a larger and improved camera or additional features.

We hope to have CAMON 17 available in Pakistan within the next month. Additional news and information on the forthcoming TECNO products can be found on the company's social media links.



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