Sundar Pichai have highlighted the dangers of AI technology

Sundar Pichai have highlighted the dangers of AI technology

Posted on Jan 21, 2020

Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai have highlighted the dangers of this technology, such as facial recognition and deep fax while demanding new regulations regarding Artificial Facial Intelligence (AI).

In an article for the Financial Times, Sundar Pichai wrote, 'There is no doubt in my mind about regulating artistic intelligence; this is very important; the only question is how to do it'.

Although he said that new regulations were needed in this regard, he also emphasized careful consideration of several aspects of AI.

He said that new appropriate rules should be introduced for some products, such as automated driving vehicles, but other aspects, such as the existing framework for medical facilities, should apply to AI working products.

"Companies like ours should not only develop new technologies and give them the opportunity to use the market, but also make sure that these technologies are used for good purposes as they become available to everyone," he said.

Alphabet is one of the most important AI companies in the world, and Sundar Pichai emphasized that international coordination about the formation of global rules is also essential.

At present, the US and European Union's rules about the IIA are quite different, with the White House advocating for rules that will not hinder it from proceeding, while direct intervention by the European Union. Are being considered, such as a 5-year ban on facial recognition technology.

Companies like Google are facing additional costs and technical challenges due to US and EU laws.

But Sundar Pichai also talked about the company's own rules in this regard, saying that the company's restrictions on the specific use of rules and regulations, such as mass surveillance or human rights abuses, were banned.

"There is a need to balance the risks and positive aspects of AI technologies," he said


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