Skype introduces its Meet Now feature to compete for zoom video call

Skype introduces its Meet Now feature to compete for zoom video call

At a time when billions of people around the world have been confined to their homes to prevent the rapid spread of the coronavirus, the rate of video calls has skyrocketed.

But more than that, a video calling app Zoom benefited, but now Microsoft's Skype app wants to compete with a new feature, Meet Now.

This feature allows you to chat or meet on Skype without a Microsoft account or without downloading the app on the desktop.

Zoom must have received a lot of users as a result of the Coronavirus, but it now faces a number of security issues, including the arrival of uninvited guests at Zoom meetings.

Microsoft has provided a video chat platform for businesses called Microsoft Teams, but this new feature of Skype seems to be trying to attract users of both Zoom and Microsoft Teams platforms because of it No need to spend a single rupee.

This new feature is great to use on a laptop or desktop browser, meaning it can be used on Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome, but not on Firefox.

skype meet now

But to use it on the phone, you have to download the Skype app, but you don't need a Microsoft account.

All of Skype's meeting features will work on Meet Now calls, such as screen sharing, call recording, blurring your background, and more.

With no expiration date for meeting links, creating them at any time allows anyone to be part of the chat, as long as the user has a secure link they can start a call.

According to the company, this feature allows an individual to share a free meeting with just 3 clicks and the best part is that the host does not even need to install Skype for it.

This can be done by visiting the website and availing the facility of the free conference calls, after which people can be invited through a link or share button.


Skype meet now

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