Simple ways to increase the battery life of Android phones

Simple ways to increase the battery life of Android phones

The use of smartphones has increased tremendously nowadays and everyone tries to buy them, but its quick-witted battery makes consumers confused.

The technology of smartphones is innovating, the design is improving and the speed is up but there has been a slight improvement in terms of batteries.

Now it's working, but with a very slow attitude, there are some ways that can drastically enhance your smartphone's battery life, as follows.

Turn off vibration and hepatic feedback

Functions like vibration or sound when pressing an app or button on a smartphone's keyboard actually suck up a good amount of battery power, by turning off hepatic feedback you can drastically increase battery life throughout the day. I will spend a good deal of your time typing on the keyboard, plus it is best to turn off the vibration for notifications if it is not needed because vibration requires more battery power than ringtones. Is.

Get help with power-saving mode

If at any point you want your phone's battery to run higher than normal, turn on the phone's power-saving mode, which will automatically disconnect a function that reduces battery life, allowing for a few minutes in battery life Hours may also increase.

Prefer Wi-Fi over mobile data

Mobile data is an enemy of the battery so use Wi-Fi as much as possible, you can turn off mobile data services when you no longer need them by going to your phone's Quick Settings panel.

Smart charging

When the smartphone battery is charged and the capacity is 100% complete, the trickle charge starts so that it can be stopped. When this happens, the battery begins to suffer unnecessary pressure and to avoid this, the device must be plugged in when it reaches 100 percent or must be discharged at 90 percent. Putting them to sleep at night can also reduce battery life in a few months.

Minimal use of Bluetooth and location tracking

Bluetooth, NFC, and location services are helpful but also reduce the battery of the phone faster, if you want to run the battery longer, turn on these services when needed, then Turn off.

Similarly, you do not need the Voice Assistant program at all times, if a Google Assistant is available (which is the case with every Android phone) and is working, then go to Assistant Settings to deactivate it. May be prevented from using battery life.

Take care of the brightness

When it comes to battery life, most of the effects are set to display; whenever the display is turned on, precious power starts to diminish, keeping screen brightness low is the easiest solution, but in most phones, the brightness is enhanced by the environment. There is also the option of automatic adjusting according to the LED light, which will add a few minutes to the phone's battery.

Using simple wallpapers

Avoid putting animated wallpapers on screen as this image requires more battery power to move, the better is that the screen background is darker or at least coloured so that the display will get faster battery life. Do not power off. Similarly, the use of widgets also reduces battery life, which should be avoided.

Use Facebook on the Browser instead of on app 

Yes, you may not believe it, but Facebook is one of the worst apps for battery power, and even better, use Facebook on a smartphone browser, which is almost like an app.

Turn off automatic app updates

Turning off automatic app updates can be a good option if you want to extend battery life, as it reduces app activity in the background and lowers power. In the Android phone, go to the Google Play Store and click on the menu icon and then click on Settings, General and Auto Update Apps and switch it off.

Know which apps are consuming more power

If battery life is not increasing despite all modes, then this may be because of a specific app. To catch it, go to Battery in Android Users Settings and then go to Battery Use to see the list of apps and services that are using the most battery.



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