Siayara Taxi Services (Car Booking App)

Siayara Taxi Services (Car Booking App)

It’s a proud moment for Pakistan, Indeed, as through Siayara Pakistan launched it’s first ever car providing transport service app, that provides convenient rides as taxi plus also acts as a means of job vacancies for people, providing reliable and resourceful mode of earning for the unemployed citizens of Pakistan.

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Apple app is coming soon

Siayara is in the news these days as they recently just launched there app which of course is a proud moment for Pakistan as this is the first initiative taken by someone providing services with a mission of providing, trustworthy, suitable and transparent mode of earning to all the Pilots and good rides for the passengers


The best thing about Siayara is its economic range of car distribution system. It provides 4 classes of provided cars according to ones affording and the requirement at the moment

 The first classifications start from


 The categorizing of this vehicle option consist of very basic cars without air conditioning in fairly good condition with nominal charges. Cars comprising is this option are 2001 made onwards, mostly they are Mehran and alto.


This category consists of a huge range of sedan cars 2008 onwards, it also provides air conditioning facility.


 The services in this category are more enjoyable as they consist of a wide range of fully loaded cars of sedans after 2008 and before as well. Additional services to this class provides air conditioning and a comfortable ride


Business Class

 As the name itself provides the best service high maintenance cars that were launched after 2015 or newer, this class comprises of air conditioned, equipped cars that provide a fancy and comfortable ride.


How does Siayara work?

 You can easily avail the benefits of Siayara by creating an account, entering the accurate destination you want to go to, at a convenient location you feel comfortable in being picking up from. Identify the car by the car color and number plate.

After the ride starts track the location u picked and the professional drivers will take you there.

 What’s special about Siayara?

 Siayara is very concerned about the safety of its passengers and maintains quality of the car pilots working for them.

It also provides safety and security to your loved ones using the app to travel and its helpline is always there to assist you if there even a slight inconvenience.

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