Shocking revelation about WhatsApp groups

Shocking revelation about WhatsApp groups

Posted on Feb 24, 2020

The WhatsApp feature of end-to-end encryption has been around for many years, and the company also claims that it can't see people's conversations themselves.

But it doesn't seem like WhatsApp's private groups are as secretive as you might imagine.

In fact, DWK journalist Jordan Weldon has revealed that WhatsApp's Invite to Group Via Link feature adds groups to the search engine's index.

"Your WhatsApp group is not as secure as you imagine," he said in a tweet on Friday, adding that the Invit To Group Via Link feature groups indexes in Google search and is readily available on the Internet. You can easily find some WhatsApp groups using search terms. '

In fact, it's really surprisingly easy to find different WhatsApp groups from a simple Google search.

Internet developer Jane Manchun Wong also cited that over 4 million URLs of from Google were found on search, which was used for group invoices.

Well, this is not a new reveal for the WhatsApp.

Google was told that it creates a site index in the Open Web site and includes group invoices, but search engines provide tools to block sites from displaying content in the results.

WhatsApp reported that 'Like all content shared in searchable, public channels, InvitLink is for everyone on the Internet so they can find other WhatsApp users, who are linked to by users from LinkedIn. Shared privately, they know and trust that these links will not be posted on a publicly accessible website. '

But there is only one problem and that is that a member of the group can affect everyone's privacy by sharing links, while other members may never know what has happened to them.

Regardless of whether or not there is a solution, it is better to think or not to do so many times before posting sensitive information to a WhatsApp group.



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