Samsung's Phone is Expected to be in 5 Different Versions

Samsung's Phone is Expected to be in 5 Different Versions

Samsung's new flagship phone is expected to be introduced in 5 different versions of the Galaxy S11.

The South Korean company's new phone will be introduced by February 2020  The Galaxy S11 will be available in three screen sizes, one equipped with a 6.2 or 6.4-inch display, the other a 6.7 and the third a 6.9-inch display phone.

It will be much larger than the Galaxy S10, with all three versions having a 6.1-inch (Galaxy S10), 6.4-inch (Galaxy S10 Plus) and 6.7-inch (S10 Five G) screen, while the Galaxy S10E's display. Was 5.8 inches.

 All three will be available in 5G and LTE versions and the 6.9-inch model will only be introduced with Five G.This simply means that in total, 5 models will be introduced by Samsung, which will be the first time in the Galaxy S series.

All of these phones will be equipped with an Edge display, which can be introduced a few days before the Mobile World Congress in mid-February or the last decade. Earlier, it was leaked that Samsung's new flagship phone will be equipped with the 108-megapixel camera while it will be the company's first phone which will be given 5X optical zoom.

According to various reports, 4 cameras will be provided on the back of the Galaxy S11, which may have a 3D sensing TOF module.


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