Samsung's Introduce new TV for Tik Tok Users

Samsung's Introduce new TV for Tik Tok Users

Posted on Jan 13, 2020

Samsung has created a television for the bold generation of mobile phones or the like, say, which can be termed as the biggest smartphone accessory.

Introduced at the 'CES' exhibition in Las Vegas, Samsung's 'Cero' TV is a unique design that automatically transforms the traditional television widescreen into a portrait mode or just like a phone. Is.

The screen size will be 43 inches instead of 6 inches.

A portrait is part of the default setting in this TV, but it allows users to make the screen more like traditional television, with the help of a remote button or Samsung Smart Think app.

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If you have a Samsung Galaxy phone, you can also automatically rotate the screen with your phone by connecting it to the TV.

However, this feature can also be a headache for most users as the hands can randomly move the phone to make the TV screen square or sometimes vertical, but it has been given the option of disabling.

The TV screen looks a lot better and bigger in the form of a phone screen, especially the experience of watching YouTube, Facebook, or Tik Tok videos.

According to the company, other phones like iPhones can be attached to it and all of Samsung's smart TV extras are provided for screen mirroring, video streaming and rest.

The TV screen and its motorized stand cannot be separated; according to Samsung, the speaker system benefits from this stand.

The TV will only be available to consumers in the 43-inch Sans and will be available for sale sometime this year, but its price has not yet been announced.


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