Samsung's Concept Flip Foldable Phone Reveals

Samsung's Concept Flip Foldable Phone Reveals

Posted on Oct 31, 2019

Samsung has pointed to the introduction of a foldable phone that will shut down just like a traditional flip phone.

During the annual Samsung Manufacturers Conference, the South Korean company presented a short video of this concept foldable phone.

"This is a new device that we are seeing that can not only be easily pocketed but can also change shape with the use of the phone,"

said Hansen Jeong, head of Samsung's Framework R&D Group. '.

The idea behind this device is to make Samsung's foldable technology more compact.

Samsung did not elaborate on the device nor talk about its availability, even hardware was not mentioned and it was reported that Samsung has been foldable since last year. How much technology has been improved?

In fact, the company used this anonymous phone to talk about updates made to its Android user interface OneUI, and Hansen Jeong said that as a leader in foldable technology, we wanted to improve the customer experience Understand diversity.

Samsung introduced the UI user interface earlier this year and is now working on One UI 2, which feels better than ever.

It should be noted that in September, Bloomberg claimed in a report that Samsung's next foldable phone could be turned off like a flip phone, and now the concept phone that is offered is similar.

The South Korean company has released a glimpse of the phone as Motorola is likely to introduce the Foldable Moto Razer on November 13.

Samsung's new foldable flip phone will likely be manufactured to accommodate Galaxy Fold issues, and the company is not ready to step back in terms of foldable display technology.

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