Robots learn to walk without the help of humans

Robots learn to walk without the help of humans

Posted on Mar 3, 2020

If you've seen Disney Studios' famous animated movie Bambi, this deer's story has definitely impressed and now Google has developed a robot that is capable of running like this and much more impressive.

Researchers at Google's Georgia Institute of Technology and the University of California, Berkeley have published articles describing the success of the robot that used AI technology to train it.

AI technology called Deep Reinforcement Learning was used in this robot, which combines 2 different types of AI technologies.

An algorithm helps learn a task, while deep learning helps systems process and process data input.

Such algorithms are commonly used in dynamic computer environments, but Google researchers have succeeded in extending their work to the real world.

The robot was brought to the spot where it learned to walk in an hour and a half, then it was placed at a bare surface where it took about four and a half to four hours.

These robots learn to walk without the help of humans, and by making manual changes to the algorithm at some errors, the robot is helped to complete various tasks.

Researchers say that the development of efficiently operated robots is the future of robotics technology because there are numerous human-made places right now where robots cannot use their legs to move around in the human world.


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