realme Conducts First-ever Global Launch Event to Unveil realme GT & New AIoT Products

realme Conducts First-ever Global Launch Event to Unveil realme GT & New AIoT Products

Posted on Jun 17, 2021

The realme GT redefines the flagship experience with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor, a speed-inspired dual-tone leather design, and a stainless-steel VC cooling system for long-lasting performance, while the AIoT portfolio expands with the realme Watch 2 Pro and the realme TechLife Robot Vacuum, with the brand's first laptop and tablet to be released in the coming months.

Tuesday, June 15, 2021, Shenzhen, China: realme, the world's fastest-growing smartphone brand, unveiled their highly-anticipated 2021 flagship killer smartphone, the realme GT, along with three new AIoT products – the realme watch 2 & 2 Pro and the realme TechLife Robot Vacuum – and an accelerated AIoT product strategy for the next five years, at the company's first global launch event.

The realme GT, as realme's first GT-series product and the first Qualcomm Snapdragon 888-powered device, offers a high-end experience, as well as accessibility and three key features – speed-inspired aesthetics, thunderous power, and sustained performance – that set new industry standards for the mid-to-high-end flagship phone segment. It's the start of a new chapter for realme, with all of the brand's upcoming flagship goods launching simultaneously throughout the world to give young customers everywhere a chance to try out the latest realme goods.

“We are pleased to deliver our flagship killer phone to people worldwide,” Sky Li, CEO of realme, said during his introductory statement at the launch event. The realme GT is aimed at the mid-to-high-end smartphone market. The worldwide introduction of the realme GT shows our continued dedication to making cutting-edge technology more accessible to young customers across the world and therefore empowering them in their everyday lives by delivering the maximum amount of headline features for our budget-conscious consumers.”

realme GT: A new flagship killer

  • Speed-inspired aesthetics

The design of the realme GT is based on the fundamental concept of grand tourers (GT) sports vehicles, which were designed for high-speed, long-distance travel while delivering excellent performance and luxurious amenities. The flagship GT phone series embodies this notion, with a glass-covered design on the rear with a 3D light-reflecting pattern, as well as a vegan-leather-covered variant with a repeating acceleration symbol along the length of the phone, communicating the fast-breaking spirit of racing vehicles.

The glass version is available in two colors: Dashing Silver and Dashing Blue, and features a sequence of firing arrow designs on the rear, which represent speed and energy. Meanwhile, the vegan leather variant comes in Racing Yellow, an unusual hue for a phone design, and is meant to honor young people who are continuously pushing and reinventing themselves. It boasts the industry's first dual-tone leather design, which offers not only a distinctive, upscale appearance but also functional characteristics like fingerprint resistance, anti-odor, and anti-crack properties.

  • Thunderous power

The realme GT is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, the most advanced microprocessor available, with new super-efficient LPDDR5 RAM and the quickest UFS 3.1 storage, demonstrating realme's commitment to providing consumers across the world with a flagship-grade performance.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chip has increased the realme GT's performance and AI computing capability by utilizing the most modern 5nm processing technology. In comparison to the previous generation, the phone's CPU performance has grown by 20% and battery consumption has decreased by 50% thanks to a stronger and bigger Cortex-X1 core and three new-generation high-performing A78 cores.

  • Sustained performance

The realme GT features a new generation stainless steel VC cooling system to produce the "coolest 888," which plays an important role in the phone's long-term peak performance by utilizing stainless steel to improve the phone's heat dissipation structure. During testing, the stainless steel VC cooling system outperformed a typical copper VC cooling system by 50 percent and was capable of lowering the CPU core temperature by up to 15 degrees Celsius.

Furthermore, the realme GT is equipped with a huge 4,500 mAh battery and 65W SuperDart charging capability, allowing the phone to be completely charged in just 35 minutes despite its ultra-thin chassis weighing less than 186g.

“We are very delighted to introduce internationally the realme GT, our flagship product of the year,” stated Alessio Bradde, realme Product Marketing Manager. The realme GT is intended for consumers who desire an amazing experience in a flagship smartphone, just like the GT vehicles with their ultimate pursuit of speed, performance, and precision. We believe that our youthful users will be inspired by the spirit of the realme GT series to continually push their limitations and reach their full potential.”

Growing realme’s 5G offerings with the launch of its first 5G flagship device

The realme GT, the company's first 5G flagship phone, is part of realme's aspirations to expand its 5G offerings to more than 20 devices by next year, bringing the company's overall 5G device ratio to 70%.

realme continues to be a "5G popularizer," with a broad array of 5G products ranging from no-compromise cheap smartphones to luxury flagships. The firm declared its aim to place youthful consumers at the vanguard of global 5G adoption at its recent 5G conference, with the objective of supplying them with 100 million 5G phones by 2024 and introducing an industry-first USD $100/- 5G mobile phone in the coming years.

Counterpoint Research called realme the fastest-growing player in worldwide 5G smartphone sales in Q1 2021, with a 3465 percent YoY increase. In 2020, realme will release 14 5G devices, accounting for around 40% of its whole product line.

realme enters AIoT 2.0 development phase with an advanced ‘1+5+T’ strategy

In addition, the firm revealed a five-year accelerated AIoT product roadmap. The new ‘1+5+T' approach builds on realme's prior ‘1+4+N' approach and broadens the AIoT ecosystem and product offering.

The expression ‘1+5+T' is defined as:

1. smartphone, as realme's AIoT ecosystem is built on its devices.

5. True Wireless Stereo (TWS), Wearables, TV, Smart Speakers, and Laptops are five important areas for realme's AIoT devices.

T. TechLife is realme's open partner platform, which seeks to help creative and dynamic AIoT businesses by sharing realme's own sales channels and supply chains. TechLife focuses on three product categories: Smart Entertainment (e.g., TV boxes, projectors, speakers, and game accessories); Smart Care (e.g., vacuum robots, air purifiers, and body fat scales); and Smart Connect (e.g. smart sockets, smart light bulbs and cameras).

The realme Link App, at the heart of realme's AIoT ecosystem, connects the dots. All items will be connected to realme Link in the future to provide users with a comprehensive AIoT experience.

More to come

During the event, realme showed off its first tablet, the realme Pad, as well as its first laptop, the realme Book, both of which will be released in the coming months. realme also announced a co-creation effort with fans to produce realme Book.

realme was born an underdog that would challenge the market

In 2018, realme was founded at a time when the global smartphone market was already saturated and competitive. There were over 200 mobile phone brands on the market, with the top six players accounting for 74% of the market share, leaving little room for newcomers. With a total user base of over 85 million users, realme is now the world's seventh-largest smartphone vendor and one of the top five suppliers in 13 of the 61 countries where it operates. By introducing affordable, high-performance, stylish devices to meet the lifestyle and budget needs of young consumers, it has achieved tremendous growth at a rate unprecedented in the smartphone industry.

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Regarding realme

realme is a technology company that specializes in leapfrog quality and cutting-edge AIoT products for the global market. Users of realme are young and have a global perspective. realme products use cutting-edge technology and design to encourage young people to "Dare to Leap."

According to Counterpoint's statistics of global smartphone shipments in Q3 2020, realme is the world's 7th most popular smartphone brand and is considered a mainstream smartphone brand. In 2019, realme shipped 25 million smartphones worldwide, an increase of 808 percent year over year, making it the world's fastest-growing smartphone brand for four consecutive quarters from 2019 to Q2 2020. With a global user base of over 70 million, realme has expanded into 61 markets around the world, including China, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Europe, Russia, Australia, the Middle East, and Africa.


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