Ready AI system to detect Corona virus in seconds

Ready AI system to detect Corona virus in seconds

Posted on Mar 4, 2020

Alibaba is one of the world's largest e-commerce companies, which has developed an artificial intelligence system that helps diagnose the new Novel Coronavirus in seconds with 96% precision.

According to reports from Japan's technology site, the Nikkei Asian Review, the AI ​​system is currently operating in various hospitals in China.

Alibaba claims that the new system can accurately diagnose patients with chest coronary CT scans by up to 96 % accuracy of the new coronavirus disease Code 19.

The system can determine this in just 20 seconds, while humans usually take about 15 minutes to diagnose the disease, but many times it takes even longer because 300 images have to be analyzed.

The system has been trained through pictures and data of over 5,000 certified cases across China, and Alibaba's AI system is operating in at least 100 medical centres.

The algorithm also includes the latest treatment guidelines and recently published research reports, the algorithms say.

Being diagnosed immediately and accurately with this coronavirus virus is likely to reduce the pressure on Chinese hospitals, where the number of patients has seen a huge increase over the past few weeks.

A quick diagnosis will also give medical staff more time to treat the infection.

It is believed that the coronavirus began to spread from the Chinese city of Wuhan to several countries.

In China, the virus infected more than 80,000 people, killing more than 29,000, but the number of healthy people has now increased to more than 47,000.


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