President Trump lifts Ban on Huawei at G20 summit

President Trump lifts Ban on Huawei at G20 summit

Posted on Sep 2, 2019

Few months back around may, Trump signed an directorial order that gave permission to the US government to block all goods sales and exchange by US companies to all foreign corporation presumed as a security risk.

Huawei on the contrary, has been under this directive, and is denied to sell or buy good from American firms in threat of US security

Huawei since then, has been in quarrel with The US President trump for the access, sales permission and other restrictions.

Which have caused the company to lose access to google, other arms and more technology companies, which has caused the company a near loss of approximately 30 billion in the case of ban.


The G20 Summit held in Japan came to conclusion today, After the meeting of the US President Donald Trump with Chinese President, Xi Jinping

The results came in satisfying as,

In recent news, Trump calls off the ban, Which indeed, is great news for all Huawei users, workers and developers as after a detailed discussion with the Chinese president about the case, Trump has changed his mind in reference to Huawei and has called off the ban, as he feels that Huawei is not a threat to the country and their equipment is danger free.

US is now is now permitted to sell and buy goods from Huawei legally with the states permission as per recent news and sources.


Being under impact of US and China relations, Huawei may have gotten the permit to sell its good and technology to US companies and firms again, but the real question is how long will it last?


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