PM Imran Khan Meet with the Heads of YouTube and Siemens

PM Imran Khan Meet with the Heads of YouTube and Siemens

Posted on Jan 23, 2020

Meeting with the Heads of YouTube and Siemens
The Prime Minister also met YouTube chief Susan Wojcicki, who was accompanied by digital media chief Tania Eros, Pakistan's Assistant Prime Minister Syed Zulfiqar Abbas and Foreign Investment Ambassador Ali Jehangir Siddiqui.

The meeting also called for the use of the YouTube platform to highlight Pakistan's positive identity.
On this occasion, the YouTube platform was discussed to promote tourism and education in Pakistan as well as to attract the attention of the investors.

In addition, Imran Khan met Joe Kaiser, the head of technology company Siemens, in which Siemens was invited to introduce a training program in Pakistan.

The Prime Minister lauded Siemens' continued service in Pakistan's energy sector, saying that equipping the youth with different capabilities is the top priority of the government and expressed the desire of Siemens to provide Pakistani youth under the government's skilled youth program. Introduce the latest technology delivery program.

He said that equipping a young person with skills will increase the job prospects and make the country economically viable.

He also invited Siemens' head to visit Pakistan and also assisted Pakistani universities in providing education for the latest technology.


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